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On Farm Testings

On Farm Testings 2023-24 ( On Going)

  • Yam : Assessment of  dwarf /semi dwarf varieties of yams under non trailing conditions.
  • Cowpea : Assessment of grain cowpea HYV  suitable for summer rice fallows of Kannur.
  • Cluster bean : Assessment of  high yielding varieties of cluster bean.
  • Amaranthus : Assessment of  high yielding varieties of red amaranthus.
  • Vegetables : Ecofriendly management of bacterial wilt in solanaceous vegetables.
  • Poultry : Assessment of  feed supplements for layer poultry.
  • Mango : Assessment of the quality and shelf life of ripe mango by different ripening methods.

On Farm Testings 2022-23

  • Assessment of grain cowpea HYV suitable for summer rice fallows of Kannur.
  • Assessment of high yielding yard long bean varieties.
  • Assessment of  biorepellants against wildboar menace in paddy.
  • Assessment of HYV of cardamom (Ongoing).
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