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Frontline Demonstrations

Front Line Demonstrations - 2023-24 (On going)

  • Paddy :  Demonstration on integrated approaches for weed and algal  management in paddy.
  • Rice    : Demonstration of Germinated Brown Rice (GBR) production through FPO.
  • Banana : Demonstration on cultivation of banana for leaf production.
  • Banana : Ecofriendly management of panama wilt in banana using ICAR-FUSICONT in Poovan variety of banana.
  • Banana : Low cost ripening technology for Banana.
  • Vegetables : Demonstration of grafted solanaceous vegetable seedling.
  • Coconut : Demonstration of Nano pheromone trap for the red palm weevil management in coconut.
  • Coconut : Area wide management of Rhinoceros beetle with Metarhizium through milk co-operative societies (Ongoing).
  • Coconut : Demonstration of tricho-cake for bud rot management in coconut.
  • Pepper   : Demonstration of Arka Microbial Consortiumfor the ecofriendly management of quick wilt in black pepper.
  • Arecanut : Integrated management of leaf spot disease in arecanut.
  • Arecanut : Demonstration of hand operated arecanut dehusker.  
  • Arecanut : Demonstration of Integrated Crop  Management in arecanut to address yellowing.
  • Mango : Demonstration of rejuvenation of oldand senile Kuttiyattoor mango tree through pruning.
  • Mango : Demonstration of volatile based pheromone trap for the mango fruit fly management.
  • Ragi     : Demonstration of high yielding ragi variety KMR 301 in northern midland laterites of  Kannur.
  • Garcinia : Demonstration of farm purpose solar dryer.
  • Poultry   : Demonstration of Thalassery breed of chicken for backyard poultry rearing.
  • Duck  : Demonstration of Broiler duck variety Vigova for meat production in Kannur district.
  • Cattle : Demonstration of Pheromone-Kairamone trap for control of flies in cattleshed.
  • Cattle : Demonstration of THI based automatic controller (ASWASA) for reducing heat stress in cattle.


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